Fresh Food Factor

Nourishing the Body.       Nurturing the Soul.       Lifting the Community.

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Our Mission is Our Promise.

Nourish the mind, body and spirit so students can thrive academically.
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Nuture, train and invest in our talent pool that enriches our community.

Our Mission is Our Promise.

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Provide school administrators with a valuable food service partnership.

Our Mission is Our Promise.

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Make healthy breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner daily staples instead of rare treats.

Our Mission is Our Promise.

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Provide consistent, classic flavors to support our local chefs.

Our Mission is Our Promise.

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Workers assembling meals in the Community Kitchen on Tchoupitoulas St.

HUMAN Factor

LOCAL Factor​

Fresh, healthful food is a basic human right, and Volunteers of America is taking huge strides to make that right a reality though its Fresh Food Factor program. The headquarters of Fresh Food Factor is an 8,500 square foot commercial kitchen located in the historic Lykes Steamship District in New Orleans’ Lower Garden District. Through this kitchen, we serve healthy meals to local students on a daily basis. We pride ourselves in developing close working relationships with school partners in the community and delivering excellent customer service.

Chef making Gumbo in the Community Kitchen on Tchoupitoulas St.
A summer camper enjoys an apple provided by Fresh Food Factor


Fresh Food Factor provides healthy sustenance through a holistic service model. Our goal is to not only provide a fresh and healthy meal, but also to teach students that a healthy lifestyle begins with good eating habits balanced by exercise, diet, and the connection to mind, body, and spirit. By providing students the opportunity to eat healthy, delicious food, we enable them to make similar positive choices for a lifetime.

WOW Factor​

Fresh Food Factor thrives on food. We do not compromise on the quality of our food. We emphasize scratch cooking with tender loving care. The Fresh Food Factor central kitchen allows all menus to be replicated for taste profile. Fresh Food Factor has a vast array of recipes that feature child-favorites as well as rotations for variety. This is truly unique.

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