Fresh Food Factor

Nourishing the Body.       Nurturing the Soul.       Lifting the Community.

We live by the “Golden Rule” – treat everyone with dignity and respect as you would want to be treated.

Our Clients, Customers & Associates

Schools and Businesses We Serve

Fresh Food Factor’s primary goal is to provide premier customer service while ensuring students have the necessary nutritional building blocks to complement the academic environment. We desire to adopt the unique culture of the schools we serve by becoming a part of the school family.

Fresh Food Factor provides the administrative support necessary to simplify the reporting process. We actively listen to our customers, seeking their valuable insights so that we can continue to improve their food service experience.

The Kids and End Users

For kids, healthy meals are especially important, as nutritious foods have the potential to aid students’ focus, energy levels, and overall health. This enhances the child’s academic performance in school. But the proof is in the chocolate pudding. If the children don’t eat their healthy meals, then what is the point?

Fresh Food Factor has a reputation of serving fresh, nutritional meals that kids love. We go beyond burgers and fries to serve a variety of local favorites including gumbo and red beans as well as favorites like BBQ chicken with mac and cheese, Chicken Parmesan, and Salisbury Steak with mashed potatoes and onion gravy. 

Student and milk cartons

ARTICLE: Food for Thought - Fresh Food Factor’s appetizing school meals

I remember vividly the drab colored plastic tray with four sections. The largest held a portion of mystery meat smothered in dark brown gravy on top of powdery mashed potatoes. The three smaller sections held dollops of a salty canned green vegetable, an unrecognizable gloppy dessert and a small carton of milk. Needless to say, my childhood memories of school lunches are not fond ones. Fortunately, schools in New Orleans now have a nutritious and delicious alternative to the unappetizing school meals of the past...

The Associates in Our Program

The Fresh Food Factor associates are fundamental to our success. The strength of our culture comes from our associates’ pride and empowerment to be the best they can be. This culture is engrained throughout the entire Volunteers of America. We live by the “Golden Rule” – treat everyone with dignity and respect as you would want to be treated. We continuously engage and connect with our associates seeking their insight and feedback. Our goal is to provide professional growth opportunities for each associate via an extensive training program that ensures their success.

Fresh Food Factor trains veteran to find a job

ARTICLE: Teaching kitchen helps Veteran in new job

After almost a year, Veteran Michael Brumfield’s hard work is starting to bear fruit – as a full time cook at Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System. After he got out of the Army, Brumfield came back home to New Orleans, but fell on hard times, and eventually became homeless. Having nowhere else to go, he walked into the Community Resource and Referral Center (CRRC) and asked for help...

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